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Couplings and Power Transmissions

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  • D303 Stainless Steel Joint
    D303 Stainless Steel Joint
    Made from 303 stainless steel material Ideal for corrosive atmospheres and where sanitation requirements are a factor Available in 5 standard sizes; round, hex, splined, or keyway bore Boot retaining grooves are...

  • Dura Flex Coupling
    Dura Flex Coupling
    Dura-Flex couplings are designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximize flex life. Perfect for a wide variety of applications -- including those with uniform to heavy shock loads -- Dura-Flex couplings...

  • Horizontal Split Grid Coupling
    Horizontal Split Grid Coupling
    Ideal for limited space Allows easy access to grid Well-suited for reversing service Manufactured from die-cast aluminum The Grid coupling consists of: 2 Hubs 1 Cover and Grid set 1 Grid spring 1 Grid cover...

  • Hydraulic Couplings
    Hydraulic Couplings
    Lovejoy offers the most hydraulic coupling solutions L-line, CJ-Line, LH Line, Nyflex®, Mite®, Dentex®, and more

  • S-Flex Couplings
    S-Flex Couplings
    The simple design of the S–Flex coupling ensures ease of assembly and reliable performance. No special tools are needed for installation or removal. The S–Flex couplings can be used in a wide variety of...

  • Shaft Locking Device 900
    Shaft Locking Device 900
    Self-centering, external shaft locking device Exceptional concentricity Suitable & recommended for hollow shafts Axial hub position fixed during clamping Metric 14mm to 240mm (larger upon request) 22 -...

  • Sier-Bath Gear Type Couplings
    Sier-Bath Gear Type Couplings
    Sier-Bath gear couplings are stocked in a wide assortment of configurations, which include C and F standard hubs and sleeves, Mill Motor hubs, Vertical style, Floating Shaft, and Spacer designs. Lovejoy’s superb...

  • Speed Reducers
    Speed Reducers
    Center Distances from 50mm to 800mm in single or Double stage Reduction, Ratio from 5:1 to 4900:1 Horse Power Rating up to 300 H.P...

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