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  • Double Mechancial Seal
    $814.34 Double Mechancial Seal
    Incorporates a bi-directional pumping scroll delivers optimum barrier fluid flow Directional barrier fluid cooling with the use of a deflector Self aligning and hydraulically balanced stationary faces are spring loaded...

  • High Pressure Gas Compressor Seal
    High Pressure Gas Compressor Seal
    The seal design incorporates a unique, patent pending modular cartridge arrangement, giving robust construction integrity to rotating and stationary parts. This arrangement enables either stage (inboard or outboard) to be...

  • Loaded Lip Seal
    $1,165.00 Loaded Lip Seal
    Temperature:  -65˚F to +300˚F Pressure:  0 to 5000 psi Fluids:  Petroleum based Hydraulic...

  • O-ring Seal
    $29.13 O-ring Seal
    Try out our certified Champion Industrial O-ring seals. Used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring. Dynamic examples include...

  • Oil Seal
    Oil Seal
    1.Raw materail: NBR,NR,SBR,EPDM,CR,Silicon, FKM,Neoperne�wide range of materails are available 2.All productiiong processes confim to RHOS,ISO9001,and NSF-61system 3.Excellent temperature resitant,oil-resistant,water...

  • Oil seals for high and low speeds
    $582.50 Oil seals for high and low speeds
    Champion Specials on Oil Seals. Use for effective sealing during both high or low speeds

  • Single Stationary Mechanical Seals
    Single Stationary Mechanical Seals
    The SISS™ and SISR™ range single stationary mechanical seals provide highly technical, value-engineered sealing solutions applicable for all industry sectors. The SISR™ offers an optional modular...

  • Split Seal
    $582.50 Split Seal
    Minimum parts to assemble meaning installation is faster and more reliable  Precision lapped non cracked seal face surface material removes potential leak path  Patented assembled spring retainer means springs...

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