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  • TSMB-J08
    Temperature: -30℃~+205℃ Pressure: ≤2...

  • Type 21 Mechanical Seal
    $582.50 Type 21 Mechanical Seal
    Mechanical Seals for Pump shafts provide the best possible seal for a rotating shaft.

  • TYPE A (Shaft Sizes 5/16
    TYPE A (Shaft Sizes 5/16" through 1")
    Pressures to 75 PSI. Temperature: -40° to +400°F.   Compact, unitized, single spring, elastomer bellows seal. The factory-assembled, one piece design permits fast, easy installation and the full-convolution...

  • TYPE B (Shaft Sizes 3/8
    TYPE B (Shaft Sizes 3/8" through 1")
    Pressures to 75 PSI. Temperature: -40° to +400°F. A full-convolution elastomer bellows provide maximum flexibility in compensating for shaft movement while torsional stress on the bellows is controlled by a dent...

  • TYPE D, E (Shaft Sizes 1/2
    TYPE D, E (Shaft Sizes 1/2" through 5-1/2")
     Pressures to 350 PSI. Temperature: -40° to +400°F.   Self adjusting elastomer bellows compensate for abnormal shaft end play and primary face sealing wear. Effects of radial and axial shaft end play are...

  • TYPE X (Shaft Sizes 1/2
    $582.50 TYPE X (Shaft Sizes 1/2" through 6")
    Pressures to 350 PSI. Temperature -20°F to +400°F.   Multi Spring, O ring Design, unitized construction, flexible design compensates for shaft misalignment for high performance and longer seal life. Also...

  • Universal Dry Gas Seal
    Universal Dry Gas Seal
      The UDGS is a dry gas seal for pump applications  

  • V Seal
    $815.50 V Seal
    Main material: NBR/Fabric, FKM/Fabric V-ring seals are mounted on shafts and their thin, tapered lip seals against a surface (counterface) at right angles to the shaft. No special demands are placed on the surface...

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