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Champion Industrial Equipment and Supplies ltd has a team of dedicated and competent personnel who consistently offer quality service and are equipped with state of the art technology to guarantee customer satisfaction.  

Champion Industrial Equipment and Supplies ltd offers the best service:

  • Mechanical Services Installation 
  • Repairs of mechanical seals. 
  • Installation of mechanical equipment. 
  • Design of mechanical systems/applications.
  • Installation, servicing and repairing of boilers. 
  • General maintenance of industrial equipment  
  • Electrical Services Installation, designing, maintenance and repair
  • Designing and sizing of instrumentation, controls, PLC.    
  • Welding and metal fabrication. 
  • Wastewater treatment plants- Repair and maintenance Equipment Selection and supply for wastewater plants Blowers Pumps Diffusers   

Stick with the Champions

Champion Industrial Equipment and Supplies ltd assistes in the following Sectors :

  • Mining Sector 
  • Energy Sector 
  • Manufacturing Sector 
  • Irrigation Sector 
  • Hotels Sector

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